Beach by day, disco-gourmet-bar by night

Out history

The stretch of sand has been managed by the Sapienza family since 1964, one of the most prominent families in Lignano Sabbiadoro.
In the autumn of 1975 work began to construct the balneare 13 establishment, opened at the end of June 1976 with a daytime bar and restaurant service, which in 1981 became the first fast food outlet in Lignano: the epitome of forward thinking for the times. In 1990 the restaurant service was restored, replacing the fast food service.
The restaurant then became the basis for a more extensive project which in 1992 saw the first night-time openings with live music.
And so 1998 saw the opening of the Giardino Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Garden) and the terrace was enhanced with a covered structure that divides the bar and restaurant.

Events on the beach

The establishment has hosted a range of different events on the beach down through the years:

  • 1992 the "Tramonto tropicale" (tropical sunset) with a DJ set and live music
  • 2000 Radio Fantasy hosted by Enrico Pellizzari with a direct link-up throughout the entire summer season
  • Tour of the biggest networks including radio 102.5: ideal location for different events on the beach

Lidocity Night & Day

Spend the day on the beach among the parasols and sun loungers, enjoy sporting activities, with drinks and snacks. When the sun goes down, torches and candles are lit, and the beach sheds its skin becoming the "Il Giardino Mediterraneo" (Mediterranean Garden), with various menus and a rich wine-list, and every Thursday night everyone dances barefoot on the sand during the Movida event.